The general outlines of the revised Business Plan of Alexandroupolis Port Authority SA, for the period 2015-2019, are:

Strategic planning

The action planning has been carried out on the basis of satisfaction of Strategic Goals, namely:

  • Development of Port Authority’s assets

  • Increase of the productivity of available resources to provide products and services.

  • Rationalization of costs and reduce of waste in all kinds of resources.

  • Development of customer-oriented culture and commercial orientation.

  • Strengthening of civil service in all social groups

  • Maximizing the service quality / price relationship.

  • Achieve competitive performance.

  • The use of modern financial tools.

  • To ensure fast and reliable delivery of information

  • Completing projects that have immediate effectiveness and efficiency and are integrated, so as to allow the development of activities, attracting new cargoes and customers. 

Business planning

The planned actions for the implementation of medium-term planning, summarized in the following:


  • Attracting export enterprises and increase the volume of bulk cargoes handled

  • Increase mooring capacity by installing floating docks

  • Establishment and operation of water airports in Alexandroupolis and Samothrace

  • Design and construction of passenger terminal in the coastal navigation zone of the port of Alexandroupolis, in line to Schengen Treaty, to attract new ferry lines and cruise ships

  • Implementation of the ISPS Code security infrastructure to improve control and pricing of  Cargoes, passengers etc

  • Installation of equipment for wintering and maintenance of small and medium-sized boats (fishing and recreation)

  • Maintenance and upgrade of ports of Kamariotissa and Therma (Samothrace) and Makri (Alexandroupolis), for increasing number of customers and visitors

(B) ACTIONS FOR COST RATIONALIZATION (Reduction or containment of operating costs)

  • Energy saving program at the port by replacing conventional with new LED technology light bulbs – Reduction of telecommunications cost

  • Renegotiation with suppliers, contractors, dockers etc. to reduce material costs and services

  • Reduction – retaining staff costs by redesigning the internal organization and operation, targeted use of partners and exploitation of European co-funded programs

  • Streamlining operating costs of Makri and Samothrace ports and secure funding sources for preparing the necessary studies


  • Exploitation of insufficiently exploited areas of the port, such us storage facilities etc.

  • Exploitation – concession of use of the container terminal

  • Concession of use of bulk cargo facilities, according to the approved master plan

  • Design and construction of modern marina and ship repair unit

  • Disposal of land area for development of vertical wind turbines or photo-voltaic systems for obtaining revenue from produced electricity.